There is no “Miracle Cure” or “Magic Formula” in Autism!

There is no “Miracle Cure” or “Magic Formula” in Autism!

Following our son’s diagnosis of autism, as a result of our research, we proceeded in the treatment with the information we obtained.

We have learned that autism is actually a chain of genetic mutations caused by familial and environmental factors, and that it is a cluster of behavioral, cognitive and communicative problems caused by metabolic problems created by these mutations.

In addition, we have also seen that every child has different underlying metabolic problems and different course of treatment.

There is no cure or magic potion for every panacea.

Many diseases are not caused by a single cause, such as an aggressive microbe or a toxin. Many different factors act together to influence the development of the disease and, accordingly, the causes of many diseases can be very complex. For this reason, we must act in a holistic (Holistic Medicine) manner against diseases. Although many people, even doctors, find this complexity confusing, it is now necessary to face the simple treatments and the fact that days with health-guaranteed days are left behind.

Treatment in autism; It consists of genetic bypass, diet, removal of toxic metals, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (stem cell activation and reduction of oxidative stress), various enzyme, protein, vitamin and mineral supplements and an intensive special education support.


In some cases, however, genes are not fate. The eating habits of the family can be effective in this situation as well as the genes.

In addition to the problems in the autism spectrum, learning and behavioral problems, problems related to digestion difficulties, intestinal problems, immune system disorders, mental state, rejuvenation and perception are observed.

Nutrients are of great importance in the child’s brain development period. Therefore, it is essential that the child’s intestinal structure is good. There is a close link between mental and body health so that these nutrients can be processed well:

  • If feeding with a bottle is preferred instead of breast milk.
  • If antibiotics are used frequently at very young ages
  • After breastfeeding, nutritional difficulties, food selection, etc. if there are difficulties (The child gets good bacteria with breast milk, strengthens the immune system, creates its own intestinal flora).
  • Recurrent infections, allergies, other immune system disorders
  • If you have sleep problems
  • Anxiety, depression, and variable mood
  • If there are sensitivities such as irritability and stress
  • Perception, behavior and learning difficulties, vision and hearing problems

Children in this position may also experience allergies, ear infections, eczema, asthma, and intestinal damage, often due to immune system damage. In addition, stomach and abdominal pain are common.

In addition, many individuals have high sugar, refined starch, cola foods and drinks, bad fats and various chemicals that we call artificial additives.

This type of nutrition; it means a diet high in energy and essential nutrients. These products, which are known as junk food in our country and which have been shown to have no nutritional value with various nutrition experts, have been found to cause fluctuations in our children’s behavior, learning abilities, moods and energy levels.

With malnutrition, we are unable to get important foods that provide vital functions for our body and brain. As of July 15, 2010, the European Union has made it obligatory to indicate the additives in the labels of ready-made foods (declared to be autism and hyperactive by scientific authorities) (see: As in the example of ” cigarette is harmful to health ” in cigarette packages…

Poor diet means poor health. We often spoil both our own health and our children’s hands with ready-made food that is easy to prepare and buy.

It has also been observed in recent controlled scientific studies that; foods containing additives; It can cause irritability, hyperactivity and behavioral disorders, cancer and other diseases.

Generally, content may be questionable on products that are cheaper than the other. For example, it is generally seen that we deal with strawberry yogurt, and various chemicals that add color, consistency and taste are added to the product (such as gelatin, glucose, artificial sweetener, paint, etc.).

In many yoghurts, which we know to be low in fat, products that are generally known as thickeners (corn starch, artificial sweetener, etc.) are used, so their nutritional value is also low.

Prepared meals use hydrogenated oils, preservatives, skin and bone powders and many other fraudulent materials (such as frozen chicken nuggets) that have been proven by many researches to be cheaper for health. Vegetable oils produced by compressing at high temperature are used in fast food products and fatty acids, which are harmful at high temperatures, appear in the cooking process.

In supermarkets, apples that are produced in larger sizes are sold because more people are buying. Often this means not only the presence of weaker vitamins and minerals, but also the content of hormones that should never exist.

Most of the artificial sweeteners used in food consist of synthetic chemicals. Although the taste and smell of these are the same as their natural, it cannot be noticed, but it is not identical with nature.

A high percentage of sugar is used in ready-made juices or carbonated beverages in all world markets. Although these products do not have nutritional values, they load excessive amounts of energy. For example, there is 25 g sugar in a cola, which is presented in 330 ml. There are artificial sweeteners in those sold without sugar. Artificial sweeteners have been proven to carry different risks for both children and adults. If used regularly, they can also lead to significant reductions in the body’s mineral levels. They are even known to trigger epileptic attacks and migraine pain.

Foods and eating habits play a key role in the mental and physical health of most children. For this reason, we should carefully select all the products we eat in order to protect their mental and physical health, and be more careful and knowledgeable. We must do this for our future generations.

Our children can be addicted to sugar and starchy food. Refined starchy and sugary products can damage our child’s brain, digestive and immune systems. As a result, it can be invited to problems such as mood, energy fluctuations, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. (Serious studies and arrangements have been made on these issues for the physical and mental health of future generations in the USA and the UK.)

Instead of getting good fat, our children can consume lots of refined, processed products and consume plenty of (hydrogenated vegetable) oils, which we know as bad fats. These harmful oils we mentioned are especially found in chips, ready cakes, pastries, biscuits and the like. However, essential oils (essential oils) such as omega-3 (EPA-DEHA) and omega-6 are required for the brain to develop and perform its functions. Since these cannot be produced by the body, it is imperative that we take them through the food.

Recent studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acid we give to our children for our immune system, heart and brain health; helps many children with problems such as speed reading, spelling, attention, memory. In addition to these, it has been determined that there are decreases in behaviors that harm themselves and their environment.

It has been observed that when children with autism or ADHD who have sleep problems are given omega-3 fatty acids, their sleep problems improve. In some children, Omega-3 is not enough in this regard as the basic problems are different. If there are problems in neurotransmitter pathways (such as the problem of transforming from seroton to sleep, melatonin is necessary), a different approach is required.

Many people have genes that are prone to ADHD, autism, and other conditions. It is an opinion accepted by the scientific community that this type of genetic infrastructure is present in approximately 60% of the society. However, these syndromes are not directly linked to good lifestyle and good nutrition. Weak genes and environmental pollution combine the pieces of the malnutrition puzzle together. We may have many mistakes in our way of life that we think are right. While some mothers think that they feed their child well and hygienically, they can make it more susceptible to toxins such as artificial chemicals and poor nutrition. Unfortunately, such things can harm children’s brain and physical health. Changing these habits is often very difficult.

Children’s behavioral performances are the tip of the iceberg:

The close relationship in the immune system and the chemical conduction system also exists between our brain and intestines. Digestive system and nutritional imbalances appear indirectly in children with autism.

We can make our systems such as the immune system healthier with a balanced diet. The state of health in these systems increases the effect of other therapies.

When we look at the genetic predisposition under autism, we should also consider that other non-autistic family members may be at risk for other related diseases. Other family members who are developing in their children start using this program for their own associated health problems.

The main factors leading to autism can be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, as well as an increase in other mitochondrial diseases.

Adults with an ever-increasing number of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) use the same program, which has proven to be very effective for autism, and positive results are also achieved with these adult diseases. This also supports the view that many neurodegenerative diseases are caused by the same factors.

In fact, we can evaluate the autism epidemic as the forerunner that a number of diseases will increase in the future. Autism is the tip of the iceberg. That is why it is necessary to understand and make informed choices not only to reverse the autism wave but also to prevent similar increases in related diseases.

The Complexity of Modern Diseases

With the increase of autism rates and neurological diseases such as Parkinson and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, Alzheimer and others, many people are now faced with the fact that these diseases cannot be ‘repaired’ as easily as we hoped.

People were once confident that the right medicine could fight almost any disease. We just understand that these health problems are more complex than predicted and are not isolated.

As we said at the beginning; “There is no cure for a panacea, no magic potions”. Often there is no single cause for health problems. Many different factors can act together to influence the development of the disease. Therefore, we need to take a holistic (Holistic Medicine) approach to the disease.

Due to the classic approach of many physicians to today’s chronic diseases, patients decided to take the administration into their own hands. However, treatments in hands without adequate medical knowledge and equipment will undoubtedly bring along problems. In this new area, people need reliable information, a roadmap, and clear directions to follow in their healing journey.

Before proceeding, if you are the parent of a child with autism (or if you are struggling with a health problem yourself) and can’t wait to take some real health steps, you should admit that a team work should be done beyond a single cause and a single drug when setting up your infrastructure.

If autism or another health issue has great potential for the next stage of medicine, it depends on recognizing the multiple factors that are involved in any health problem and adapting personalized medicine approaches.

If we go beyond the dominant belief that every disease has only one cause and treatment, we realize that our approach should be as unique and individual as we are.

While our illnesses were simpler, we could address one factor and restore our health. But now they are much more complicated. We need to address multiple factors and some concrete steps you can put into practice.

If you have one of the diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Fibromyalgia etc., probably many doctors will still treat you with pills and outdated medical chemistry drugs.

Almost all diseases occur with multiple factors. There are many factors that affect the probability of developing chronic diseases today; increased stress, the environment and the toxins we take from the environment, the total number of infectious agents we are exposed to, and the underlying genetic predispositions etc.

If you have this combination of risk factors, you cannot win the war by trying for one reason. In this more complex setting, we no longer have the luxury of limiting our attention (or treatment) to a single factor. Our approaches should focus on all critical factors.

According to the new approach; The treatment approach tailored for you should be multidisciplinary.

Health Problem: Stress + Infectious Agents + Toxins + Genetic Susceptibility

The remedy: Holistic Medicine + Personalized Medicine

It is important to realize that when we hear a discussion among scientists about what is the right approach to diseases like autism, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, each has something to offer. For example, a doctor may think that the main problem in autism is a chronic viral infection, while another may focus on the effects of metal toxicity. Third, it may highlight the lack of biochemical metallothione. In fact, another remarks about the importance of Nutri genomic approach. Actually, they are all right. As medical practitioners, if we address only one of the causative factors, we may miss another. For this reason, we Holistic medical practitioners believe that taking the best items from all these approaches and adapting them to the specific needs of the child / individual will have synergistic effects and will yield better results.

In the light of this information, the approaches we will introduce you are to design a customized program that may be suitable for your child (or if you are having a health problem). But as a result, your individual responses will determine every step and speed along the way, if you have a child or health problem.

Actually, you will do the treatment and we can only be a guide.


Necip Cem KINACI, MD

President of Autism Medical Institute