2019 International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress Environmental Exposures and Autism

2019 International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology CongressEnvironmental Exposures and Autism


“International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress” held on 26th-29th of October 2019 at Venezia Palace Hotel Antalya / Turkey. As a scientific part of this Congress, a panel discussion on “Environmental Exposures and Autism” has been arranged by World Autism Organization.

Paul Shattock, former President of WAO, Steven Edelson, President of Autism Research Institute, Dr. Cem Kınacı, President of Autismedi, Ergin Güngör, President of ODFED, Dr Yavuz Dizdar, from Istanbul University Institute of Oncology and Professor Malcolm Hooper, Professor of Sunderland University were the speakers of this panel.

Speakers discussed the relationship between environmental factors and Autism and made important explanations. Paul Shattock, WAO´s former chairman, said that in congresses in the field of toxicology, treating autism as a topic is “Revolutionary”. Since 2016, also due to lead on this issue, has presented his thanks to Turkey.